Plumen Designer Light Bulb

The lightbulb. One of man’s greatest inventions. Looking back at its beginning, the design of lightbulbs really hasn’t changed much and they certainly have never been used as decoration. Well the Plumen 001 Light Bulb has managed to change that. Designed by Hulger in collaboration with Sam Wilkinson, the Plumen bulb won the 2011 Brit Insurance Product Award applauding its simple design as well as energy-saving potential. The bulb boasts a lifetime 8 times longer than that of a regular incandescent bulb, and as an eco-friendly bulb, it saves 80% on energy bills which is always a plus.

As usual, one of our lucky readers will receive a Plumen designer bulb. All you have to do is register here by May 23. Only one registration per email.

If you’d like to buy your own for $30, just head over to A+R Store’s website. They also have a plethora of other great products.

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