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 welcome to modern.

“We love modern. Modern design, modern architecture, modern living. More than just an aesthetic, “modern” embodies new techniques and materials, and new ways of addressing old problems. “Modern” is not just what you live in, but how you live. From attainability to sustainability, the singular thread that connects “modern” is an outlook that embraces new possibilities in living and lifestyle.” James LeasureFounder Modern Architecture + Design Society / MA+DS Modern Home Tour Series
ABOUT MA+DS: The Modern Architecture + Design Society (MA+DS) serves as a forum for members of the architecture design and lifestyle community to share ideas, propose innovation and uncover the hidden gems of our favorite cities in the US and abroad. Through tours, media and idea exchange, established and emerging talents can collaborate, showcase their work and better connect with a worldwide audience to build better living spaces, lifestyles and brands for the modern consumer. ABOUT MA+DS MEDIA: A reflection of MA+DS and its mission, MA+DS Media was created as an innovative multi-channel media experience for audiences in the US, Canada and beyond. Carefully curated by and for lovers of all things modern, we capture the finest and most original innovations in architecture, design and lifestyle. A “daily snapshot” of our time, MADS.MEDIA and our related social media platforms fuse gorgeous, immediate content with a multi-platform approach to create a vibrant community of  architecture and design enthusiasts. ABOUT OUR HOME TOURS AND DESIGN SERIES: Our nationwide event series was created to introduce modern architecture and living to people in their own communities across North America and beyond. Through fun and informative tours in dozens of cities across the United States and Canada, as well as carefully cultivated introductions to the people, places and things that define “modern,” over 50,000 attendees have gathered over the years to view some of the most exciting examples of modern architecture and design coast to coast. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our physical tours have been paused, and our new virtual home tours are able to be enjoyed by anyone from anywhere!
“With carefully selected architects, neighborhoods and architecture, our home tours are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Not only will you learn about the cutting edge of home design while on our tours, but you might even get an idea or two for your next home project!”
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