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2020 Austin Modern Home Tour Cornerstone Architects

Introducing... The Modern Home Tour Season Pass!

Our physical Modern Home Tour series remains paused while the world struggles to control the COVID-19 pandemic. Great strides are being made in medicine that bring us closer to the luxuries we miss like large gatherings and in-person events.

But until it is safe for everyone to gather, we are finding new ways to deliver our Modern Architecture + Design Society’s signature Modern Home Tour series to you -our friends and fans- all year long. Not only will you get to explore some of the finest examples of residential modern architecture in your city this year, but we are going to take you on a journey across the country to see some of the greatest modern homes in all our tour cities… all from the comfort and safety of your home!

… For just $20 $15 a month!

Let’s start with what everyone wants to know: how much?

We’re are offering our 2021 Modern Home Tour Pass at a standard price of $20 a month, but during this initial early bird sign-up period, we’re offering subscriptions for just $15 a month!!

Take advantage NOW!

…Because here’s everything you will get all year long for just $15/month…

1. You will have access to all of our virtual modern home tours this year! That’s right, as a subscriber of the 2021 Modern Home Tour Pass, you will never have to buy a ticket for our virtual events in 2021 – you will have access to all of them. Join us LIVE during the events each month and ask questions… or watch the segments and explore the homes later when you have time.

Here is our 2021 Modern Home Tour schedule:

  • February 20 – Austin, TX
  • April 3rd – A Passion for Mid Century Modern 
  • April 24 – Seattle, WA
  • May 22 – Houston, TX
  • June 26 – San Francisco / Silicon Valley, CA
  • July 24 – Portland, OR
  • Sept 18/19 – JUST ADDED!  In-Person Outdoor events in Seattle and Portland!
  • September 25 – Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • October 9 – Washington, DC (and surrounding metro area)
  • November 6 – San Diego, CA

2. In addition, you’ll also get access to occasional stand-alone events to bring you  a “bonus” modern art, architecture or design event included with your subscription! 

These will take place on the occasional weekday night and are free to 2021 Modern Home Tour Pass holders only! We hope to showcase some amazing projects from cities not on our tour schedule, as well as unique homes and other projects that we are excited to show.

[Note: This additional content is subject to availability and will be announced in advance!]

3. Finally, you get ONE FREE TICKET to ANY physical Modern Home Tour you wish to attend, and a VIP discount code so you can bring a friend for 50% off  once we resume our in-person events. Yes!  That means subscribers can attend ANY in-person Modern Home Tour event AND bring a friend at greatly reduced cost!

[Example: If you live in Texas and want to go to both the Austin and Houston Modern Home Tours – you can – it’s all part of your subscription! If you live on the west coast and want to hit the entire pacific northwest tour series – you can! And if you want to travel around North America and go on EVERY TOUR, YOU CAN, as long as your subscription remains active.]

The fine print… Rules, restrictions, and cancellation policy:

  • A virtual sign-up is good for the subscriber’s household ONLY. It may not be shared. Content will be accessible via password protected login to the MA+DS website and may not be shared.
  • You may cancel your 2021 Modern Home Tour Pass subscription at any time. You will lose access to the exclusive content and will not be permitted to re-register for a period of one year.
  • Free Tickets for any tour are available to the subscriber ONLY. Tickets are NOT transferable to friends and family. They must be used by the passholder only.