iPhone/iPod Wooden Alarm Dock

Let’s be honest, after the love-hate relationship we have developed with the alarm clock, it has become the last thing we want to see in the morning. This product might just change that way of thinking. Made from solid beech wood, this design allows you to dock your iPod Touch or iPhone right on your bedside, making for a very unique sight to wake up to.

Designed by Jonas Damon, this clock provides a unique charging port for your iDevice by allowing your docking cord to run through the back of the clock and plugging in like normal. All that’s needed to transform your iDevice into your new favorite alarm clock is to download an alarm clock app through the AppStore, many of which are available for free or a couple buck at most. A few suggested apps are Nightstand Central (available for free with ads or $2 without), Night Stand (available for $.99) and Alarm Clock App (available for only $.99).

To register to win your own Wooden Alarm Dock, just fill out the registration form here by February 9. The winner will be announced in next Thursday’s email, February 9, so get registered before then. Only one email per registration.

To purchase your own Wooden Alarm Dock, available through PureModern for $37.99, click here.

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