CellHelmet iPhone 4/4s Case

Anyone with an iPhone 4/4S knows that you’re basically carrying around a Fabergé egg when it comes to the fragility of your phone. If you don’t make the effort to provide the utmost care in protecting your iPhone, one simple mishap could shatter your prized possession. If that happens, there’s basically no hope when it comes to insurance plans for the iPhone…at least, that was before CellHelmet.

CellHelmet is the very first iPhone case to not only provide excellent protection for any iPhone 4/4S but also, in the rare chance that your phone does get damaged wearing a CellHelmet, they will fix your phone for free. They’ll even replace it for you if it’s beyond repair. It’s a year-long insurance plan for your iPhone with no monthly fees. You buy the case and you’re covered for a year. It couldn’t be simpler. This type of service is what iPhone owners have been waiting for since the iPhone first came out.

Being a new case in the iPhone market, it’s hard to make a splash with all the competition out there, but CellHelmet has seemed to have no problem doing so. It’s had featured articles in both Mashable and Gizmodo.

Now that all the hype is built up, let’s get to the best part. One of our lucky readers will get to win a CellHelmet for their iPhone 4/4S, including two interchangeable color plates for customization. All you have to do is register here by June 7. Only one registration per email address.

If you’re interested in purchasing a CellHelmet for yourself, just head on over to CellPig.com’s website and get your own CellHelmet for only $45. That’s a small price to pay to ensure peace of mind.

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