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The telephone has evolved drastically since its inception. Today, phones can tell us where we are, keep us entertained with games and apps, and even talk to us. Whatever happened to the main purpose of the telephone? To solely make and receive calls.

Punkt’s answer to that question comes in the form of a beautiful and simple design, the DP 01 telephone. Created by design guru, Jasper Morrison, the DP 01 brings back the glory days of the telephone. With bold colors, big fonts, and easy-to-read numbers, the DP 01 accentuates any home decor well.

The DP 01 was even featured in GQ’s “Best Stuff” of 2011. It was quoted as being “easy on the eyes and even easier to use.” With ringtones designed by British sound artist, Robin Rimbaud AKA “Scanner”, this phone is truly unique and one of a kind. Features include high quality audio, vertical and horizontal positioning capability, hands-free function, a capacity for 100 contacts, and a visual answering machine meaning you can select which messages you want to listen to rather than having to listen to all of them to get to the one you want to hear.

Punkt has three core principles in their products: function, design and simplicity. Function, meaning they design products that perform their core purposes well. Design is ensuring that a harmony is created between the aesthetics of a device and its functionality. Finally, simplicity. As Punkt says, “If technology isn’t able to make life easier, it makes no sense at all. This phone is the embodiment of Punkt’s mission.

As our loyal readers have come to know, we wouldn’t feature a product without giving one away, so one lucky winner will receive a red Punkt DP 01 and all you have to do is sign up here. Deadline to enter is March 1 and a winner will be chosen on the 2nd. Only one email address per entry.

If you’d like to see more of Punkt’s designs, check out their website here. Wanna buy one for yourself or a friend? Get one from Amazon here (also available in black and white).

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