Pongo Ping Pong Game by Umbra

While we at Modern Home Tours love to appreciate beautiful modern design and architecture, we also love kicking back and having a great time just as much. This awesome portable ping pong set dubbed the Pongo Ping Pong Game is the perfect addition to any occasion looking to include a bit of fun. All you need is a smooth surface and you’re ready to have an impromptu ping pong tournament.

Designed by Stephen Copeland, a man with a history of creating mobile innovations, the Pongo is 100% portable. The net is retractable and can go as wide as 72 inches or as narrow as you need it. Once you’re done with it, all you have to do is twist the top of one of the weighted stands and the net rolls up inside of itself. There’s a convenient compartment inside of the other stand that holds your ping pong balls as well. Finally, there’s the paddles with the ingenius design that allows the handles to slide inside of the paddles creating perfect ovals.  All of this fits perfectly inside of a mesh black bag that comes with the set. You couldn’t ask for anything more convenient or fun to bring to your next family barbecue or house party.

Of course we couldn’t let one of our readers go without the chance of winning this awesome game. If you’d like to win your own Pongo Ping Pong Game valued at $40, just register here by August 30. Only one email per registration.

For those looking to purchase one for themselves, head on over to Umbra’s website here. This is only one of the many cool products that Umbra has to offer so be sure to look around.

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