A Modern Hawaiian Residential Oasis


Fall may be here, but we’re still enjoying an endless summer with this behind-the-scenes look at a modern Hawaian residential oasis by architectural documentarians Chibi Moku.

Tucked away in Kailua on the island of O’ahu, Hale Kilo I’a is a unique twist on Hawaiian and modern architecture. It’s the brainchild of H1+FN Design Collaborative – the collective name of H1 Construction and Fujita+Netski Architecture – and Kike Carrazan, the homeowner and self-described “architectural freak.”

Since space in Hawaii is such a huge commodity, architects and designers are faced with a dilemma: how do you maximize interior square footage while maintaining a strong connection with outdoor space?

Architect Ryan Fujita and interior designer Chris Netski envisioned a dual-structure solution: what if you start with a house that is one piece, and break that piece in half so that one part becomes bigger than the other? The two structures, unique in their own right, are in dialogue with each other and force an engagement with the site and a connection to the outdoors.

Carrazan likens the two structures to two fish having a playful interaction, an image inspired by a photograph of a humpback whale with its calf.

“Where you’re trying to achieve a piece of modern architecture, says Fujita, “you start by challenging proportions and forms. When you can do both of those in combination with each other, and it’s really studied, you can come up with someone that is really fascinating and different and unique.”

The documentary was produced by husband and wife team Joshua and Natsuko Shaffer, aka Chibi Moku, two architectural documentarians who live off the grid and travel all over the world capturing content for international builders, architects, interior designers, and architectural preservation organizations. Check it out below, and take a tour through the structures of Hale Kilo I’a with the architect, interior designer, builder, and homeowner.







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