Lingua Wall Clock by Umbra

There are few universal things in this world. A smile. A laugh. And time. Time is something that crosses all borders no matter the language. It’s something that almost all can cherish because it’s one of the few things in this world that everyone appreciates and values.

The Lingua Clock, designed by Alan Wisniewski for Umbra, ties together the worldliness of time and presents it in a beautiful and modern way. Using various languages to form the face, the Lingua Clock has an exotic decorative feel that would compliment several different styles of design in your home. Measuring 20″ at its diameter, the clock is bold enough to make a statement yet subtle to the point that it doesn’t detract from other features in a room. As Umbra described it, it’s a “wall clock easily recognized by modern globetrotters and linguists alike.”

For a chance to win your own Lingua Wall Clock, simply enter here by August 2nd. Only one registration per email address.

For those of you interested in purchasing your own, they can be found on the Umbra website for only $50.

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