Homes on the Austin Modern Home Tour 2011

1400 Holly St.; Richard Weiss, Architect
7308 Annette Cove; FAB Architecture
3903 Berryhill Way; Nick Mehl Architecture
4301 Camacho; Michael Hsu, Architect
6800 Caudill; Webber+Studio, Architect
2309 E. 8th St.; Amy Dempsey, Architect
1616 Haskell; Tony Salas, Designer
900 W. Mary; Alterstudio, Architect
2609 Oakhaven; DeWitt Architects
413 Ridgewood; A.D Stenger, Architect; Remodeled by Cottam Hargrave, Architect
5325 Sendero Hills; KRDB, Architect
410 E. 6th St.; David Graeber, Architect
2604 Stratford Dr.; Don Ekols, Architect
6703 Vireo Cove; Sago International, Architect
3312 Westhill; Francios Properties, Architect
2309 W. 9th St.; Burton Baldridge Architects


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