Giveaway | Thomas Paul Octopus Shower Curtain from Design Public

Ahoy there! Do we ever have a giveaway for you this week! Give your bathroom a maritime makeover with the Thomas Paul Octopus Shower Curtain. We can’t take our eyes off it!

The giveaway comes from Design Public, a modern design company with a philosophy we can get behind 100%. Design Public was started with the belief that everybody should have access to great contemporary design, no matter where they live, who they hang with or what they do (or don’t do) for a living. A small, independent company, Design Public looks for fresh designs from small, independent designers.

Here’s what the folks at Design Public say about the Thomas Paul Octopus Shower Curtain (their number 1 selling product!)

Epic doesn’t begin to describe the maritime adventure of every shower taken behind Thomas Paul’s Octopus Shower Curtain. Step aside Moby Dick, there’s a new monster in town and he’s inspiring the passion of more than just a guy with a pegleg and a captain’s license. The massive mollusca on this shower curtain is your new adventure in design. Bright, bold and leggy, beware – in replacing your blendy blenderson shower curtain with this big dose of modern nautical wow, you may also find yourself with a new obsession.

We’ve got some more giveaways coming up from Design Public in weeks ahead, so stay tuned! To register to win this week’s giveaway, click here.

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