Giveaway | Surface Collective Flock Wall Tattoo from 2Modern

This week’s giveaway from 2Modern brings the feeling of the outdoors into your home.

Wall tattoos are a simple way to beautify your walls so they look like something’s painted on. Surface Collective‘s wall tattoos are made from a specialized vinyl with a matte finish that places a crisp image on your wall and can be easily applied and removed with no residue adhesive. This flock wall design features beautifully rendered birds that will transform any wall into a vista of fresh air.

2Modern is a cool company that has a passion for modern design it wants to share with the world by providing an easy way for designers to market their products online whether it’s furniture, home accessories, or graphic design. Surface Collective is one such company that likes to think outside the frame by designing wall decor that complements your personal interior design by offering up a different kind of accessory. Their products are made to quickly and easily turn any flat surface into a work of modern art with a wide selection of designs.

For your chance to win the Flock Wall Tattoo from Surface Collective, click here.

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