Giveaway | Slice Bread Box from Umbra

This week’s giveaway hides some clever utility behind a charming facade.

Nearly every time I go to the grocery store, I pick up a loaf of bread. It comes and goes quickly, especially when you’re trying to eat it while it’s still fresh. That goes double when you bake bread yourself, but that homemade flavor is definitely worth it. The Slice Bread Box from Umbra will keep your bread fresh while also providing a sense of style to your kitchen. This compact box is an all-in-one tool for your bread uses. It opens from both the front and the top and the simple bamboo lid doubles as a cutting board.

This box comes from designer Rafael Urdaneta, a member of the Umbra design team. His product work consists primarily in kitchenware, where he strives to include innovative, intuitive, and honest design that is still warm and familiar to everyone who uses it.

Click here for your chance to win the Slice Bread Box. Head on over to Umbra to see more of Rafael Urdaneta’s designs.

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