Giveaway | Eau Good Active Charcoal Water Bottle from A + R

Dig last week’s giveaway? We’ve got another one from A + R this week – the Black + Blum Eau Good Active Charcoal Water Bottle.

Here’s the deal.

More than 22 billion plastic water bottles annually fill up landfills worldwide. London-based Black+Blum transforms drinking tap water into water that’s drinkable with the best-designed BPA-free filter bottle on the market. Plastic is minimized with the alternative cork and stainless steel topper and in the “naked” filter.

Binchotan Active Charcoal has been used as a water purifier in Japan since the 17th century. It really does work to reduce chlorine, balance pH and mineralize water. The BAC stick that comes with the Eau Good is already washed and ready to use. A single BAC stick can be used for up to 6 months of daily filtering in the 27-fluid-ounce bottle. After the first three months, “recharge” it by boiling it in water for 10 minutes.

After 6 months, consider recycling the binchotan. It can add nutrients to house-plant soil once broken up, or absorb humidity by placing it in a wardrobe or drawer. Because it’s porous, it can even deodorize a closet, liter box or nappy zone. Binchotan can dissipate hazardous electromagnetic waves from computer monitors. The infrared rays emitted constantly from charcoal reduce moisture in the air into fine particles that naturally change into negative ions. What’s not to love?!

Click here for your chance to win this week’s giveaway!

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