Curve BT iDock by Native Union

Native Union has managed to do it once again. The company that singlehandedly is keeping the telephone handset alive is back at it with another brilliant design by David Turpin. The Curve BT iDock not only looks gorgeous in your office or home but its functionality goes unmatched as well.

The Curve’s performance is optimized with the accompaniment of an iPhone since a charging dock is incorporated into its design.  However, it’s compatible with any devices equipped with Bluetooth such as tablets, smart phones, and laptops. Better yet, the Curve is able to pair with two devices at the same time providing users with great convenience.

Set up is easy and to use it is even easier. Anytime your bluetooth device starts ringing, just pick the Curve up off its dock and instantly start talking. When you’re done with the call, just hang it up on the dock and the call will automatically end. No slide locks to fool around with, no confusion as to whether the call ended. Just simplicity.

What good is a positive review from myself if the Curve doesn’t have the worldwide accolades to back it up? It was named’s Best of Show finalist in 2011, featured at the 2011 CES trade show and it also won Germany’s Design Plus Award. Needless to say, people like this phone and they have good reason to.

Native Union has generously partnered with Modern Home Tours to provide one of our readers with their very own Curve BT iDock handset. All you have to do is register here by June 14. Only one registration per email address.

To purchase your own Curve handset for $99, just head to Native Union’s website. Be sure to browse around and check out their other unique and innovative products while you’re there.

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