The Austin Modern Home Tour | Archi-Tips #2

To prepare for The Austin Modern Home Tour, we’ve asked the architects of each home to point out those features their trained eyes deem exceedingly noteworthy. Check out part two below, and read up on the first batch of archi-tips here!

1501 Hillmont Street | Gordon Wittenberg & Shelter Home Building

As this is Austin’s healthiest house, be sure to check out:

1.  The reclaimed wood pallet rain screen, which supports the ‘breathable wall’ design

2. Toxin-free magnesium oxide board with RomaBio mineral (smell-free) paint for the interior wall finishes.

3.  The placement of the house on the lot amongst the tall trees, situated to take in the spectacular downtown Austin skyline.


13017 Zen Gardens Way | Barley|Pfeifer Architecture

1. “Swimming Pool Geothermal” uses the pool as a heat sink creating additional potable hot water and “free” pool heat.

2. All recessed cans are LED, LED tap in light covers and LED under cabinet lighting, handful of incandescent andindirect fluorescent.

3. Elevated/ventilated radiant barrier galvalume roof

4. Only Modern House in Steiner Ranch

13017 Zen Gardens Way pool by Alan Barley

600 Terrace Mountain Drive | Mark Wilkerson Design

1. Don’t miss the large abstract/neo expressionism upstairs by one of America’s most famous artists, JeanMichel Basquiat

2. Check out the view of the capital and downtown from the upstairs living room…

3. There are 27 other amazing pieces of art work throughout the home – see if you can find them!

600 Terrace Mountain Dr. dining (1)

2218 Brackenridge Street Unit #1 | Gossett Jones Homes & Shelter Designer Studio

There is a lot of smart home automation that can be accessed through smart phone, including:

1. Wireless audio streaming throughout home, including master bathroom and 3rd story loft

2. Nest learning thermostats

3. Remote home security system with alarm and front door lock

2218 Brackenridge St. Unit #1 kitchen (1)


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