This September - A New Event from the founders of the Austin Modern Home Tour !

Welcome to the ultimate Home Tour -- where Austin's most creative, most luxurious, and most interesting short-term rentals come together to showcase their uniqueness and creativity!
About Our Event

The Austin Modern Home Tour, founded by Austin real estate legend Krisstina Wise and developed by Tour producer and partner Jamie Leasure, has become THE annual, must-attend event for thousands of Austinites who love cutting-edge architecture and design.

Krisstina founded the Austin Modern Home Tour because she was passionate about showcasing the most innovative and distinctive architects, builders and designers in Austin. Featuring a carefully curated selection of homes that highlight the most exciting design trends, each tour home represents a unique vision of Austin’s contemporary architecture scene. Jamie saw the vast potential, and a decade later the Austin Modern Home Tour is a beloved annual event. 

Now Krisstina and Jamie are creating a new event highlighting the best of Austin’s short-term rentals – a space where vibrant design and the allure of “uniquely Austin” travel experiences combine to create showcase spaces you just won’t see anywhere else, and we want you to be part of it!

The Details


Everything You Need To Know!

Krisstina is an AirBNB super host of a luxury property in Travis Heights. Determined to stand out from the crowd of generic and corporate rentals flooding the market, she knew that by adapting the Austin Modern Home Tour concept to the short-term rental scene, she could showcase the unique and creative properties owned and loved by ATX locals.  Jamie loved the potential, and a new Tour concept was born!

The Austin Short-Term Rental Tour is not just about showcasing the best rentals in Austin, it’s also about creating a community of like-minded individual property owners who are passionate about sharing the Austin vibe with visitors. By being part of the Tour, you’ll not only gain more visibility and reservations for your property, but you’ll also become part of a network of hosts who are dedicated to creating unforgettable vacation experiences for their guests.

Got questions?  We have answers right here!  If you need to know more, just contact us!

Is there any cost to the AirBNB owner?

No. Your home is on the Tour free of charge! However we encourage homeowners to offer 10% discounts to Tourgoers for future reservations.

Approximately how many people will be in my home at one time?

Depending on ticket sales, anywhere from 0 to 50+ guests during Tour hours. Based on past history, you should expect a steady flow of visitors throughout the Tour day!

What kind of access does my property need?

There should be space for about 40-50 cars to park concurrently (and legally!) in the surrounding areas. Homes where residential parking permits are required ion weekends may not be workable for this event - sorry!

What are my responsibilities as a Tour property?

Just have your home clean and open on Tour day, and be available to answer guest questions. If you used an interior designer, he/she/they are welcome and encouraged to be on site as well!

Can guests reserve my property on the spot?

Yes! We will work with you to have QR codes available that will direct Tourgoers directly to your property's preferred reservation platform.

What else do I need to know?

Not much! See our "How It Works" section below for details on exact Tour Day operations.

Imagine Your Featured Home Here!

Parkside Paradise

Location: Zilker
Rate: $325/night
Style: Modern
What to Know: Walk to Zilker Park, then grab a drink at one of Austin's Barton Springs Restaurants
Waterfront Retreat

Location: Westlake Hills
Rate: $1000/night
Style: Rustic Hideaway
What to Know: Perfect for a Family Looking to Get Away for a weekend - or a month. Check out the funky Art Collection!
Got Questions?

How It Works

1) Submit your home for consideration

Homes are accepted on a rolling admission basis. We're looking for the most 'grammable, well-designed and curated, "uniquely Austin" short term rentals to highlight for guests from across North America!

2) We handle Tickets, and promotions...

...but we'd love your help! As a Tour homeowner, we'll provide you social media language and tour graphics. The more everyone helps with exposure, the more potential guests see your property

3) We've Got You covered

On tour day, we handle the door, logistics, and all tour operations. We'll even be sure everyone can book dates online - right from the door!

4) Enjoy the day!

Meet the Tourgoers, show off your property, and enjoy access to a great new source of potential vacationers!

Praise for the Austin Modern Home Tour


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Take a second and let us now how you feel about our event!

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