11 Modern Houseplant Ideas for Spring

Urban Jungle, $25, Amazon

This is where to start!  We look all over and thought this was the perfect intro to bringing some green into your modern life. Why?  Because this book springs directly from (authors) Igor and Judith’s wide-ranging backgrounds in such diverse areas as interior design blogging, graphic design and, of course, urban living.  

Here’s the description from Amazon: The book guides the reader through different “green” homes in five European countries and shows how beautiful, unique, creative and even artistic living with plants can be.

Check out Urbanjunglebloggers and be intrigued like we were when we started looking at heads for this list!

Modern Ceramic Hanging Planters, Set of 3, $25, Amazon

These simple planters work with almost any style.  From modern farmhouse to midcentury classic to concrete brutalism, these little gems are not just great for plants, but also fantastic for bringing some dimensionality to your walls!

Mid-Century Plant Stand, $11, Amazon

This great tabletop plant stand would look equally at home in a west coast Eichler or new construction at our home in Austin, Texas. Eco-Friendly bamboo construction is  a bonus we love.

Brass & Glass Desktop Terrarium, $25, Amazon

We’ve seen these tabletop terrariums popping up on several of our recent Modern Home Tours.   

This one stands out because of its ultra-current gold finish and because it apparently comes with a small owl. (No, we don’t know what that means either, but several reviewers mentioned it!)

Swinging Plant Bulb Holder, $23, Amazon

Mid century meets a mad scientist’s laboratory!  All we know is that it looks pretty cool.  If the beaker/science/test tube thing appeals, check out out next find too.

Test Tube Bud Vases, $23, Amazon

8 cool test tubes, one cleaning rush, and ‘s’ connectors so you can arrange them in any way you like.  But what really sells it (to us at least) is that the manufacturer wants to be sure we know that the tubes are made from high boron silicon heat resistant glass!

(Nope.  NO idea, but if we had to guess we think it means that your flowers will be REALLY well-protected.)

Air Purifying Air Plants , $79 for 25, Amazon

Know what we hear most?  “I cannot have plants.  I kill them.” 

If that’s you, an airplant is the perfect starting place. These little guys don’t need soil and don’t need watering (besides an occasional misting). In fact, they don’t really need much at all, and their cool desert-y aesthetic is right at home in a modern space. And this specific package includes tons of plants, so you have a little room to experiment. The supplied e-book on plant care is nice too!

Remember, fake plants are great but don’t do all the cool stuff for your health that real plants do, so if you want to give the real thing a chance, this is a great place to start!

Air Plants: The Curious World of  Tillandsias, $17, Amazon

So airplants sound good, right?  We thought so too.  The is the highest-rated airplant book on Amazon and, according to numerous 5-star reviews, is a great information resource not only on plant care, but also has fantastic information on how to display these fascinating flora in your home.

Wall Mounted Ceramic Vase, $15, Amazon

Another take on the minimalist wall vase, these simple, cool pieces of functional wall art come in a variety of bright colors straight out of the mid-century world.  

If avocado green’s not your jam, you can choose from turquoise, yellow, a variety of oranges or just plain white.   

Fill and Forget Watering Spikes, $15, Amazon

OK.  You got the books.  You got the planter.  You got the plants.  But now you’re traveling to the Seattle Modern Home Tour.   What to do? First, don’t; assume that “modern” needs to be high-tech. Some of our favorite architects draw on “technology” that comes from hundreds of years of experience, like  passive heating and cooling. These ingenious long-term waterers are kind of like that.

Terracota stakes slowly filter water from a recycled soda bottle (not included) into your plant, keeping it hydrated and happy. Natural materials, recycled household products, and the greening of your home.  What’s more modern than that?

Modern Geometric Table Vases, $30 set of 2, Amazon

We were initially picturing these in an ultramodern residence.  This kind where string geometry rules and minimalist carries the day.  

But then we thought about it a little more, and the warm gold and crisp white just might be a great fit in a modern farmhouse – the kind of structure where an abundance of natural texture can soften and integrate the dramatic angular creases of this set.

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