Skylab Architecture: 8037 NW Prominence Court


8037 NW Prominence Court | Portland | 97229
Architecture: Skylab Architecture
Photography by: Boone Speed

Built 2011, 3 bedroom, 4 bath, 3000 square feet

Situated on a steeply sloping bank at the end of a small street, this home was placed into the hillside with a cast-in-place concrete plinth. Two living volumes stack perpendicular to one another in a T-formation, shaping exterior spaces from the resultant voids. A skylight marks the intersection of these two volumes. The kitchen is defined by a large folding figure that forms counter and bar area. It is clad in reclaimed maple flooring from a high school gymnasium and bronze mirror. The dining room features a 12-foot long table fabricated in the same reclaimed maple. Runoff from the home’s impervious areas is collected and filtered by Siberian Iris and Rush, before returning to the City’s stormwater system.





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