San Antonio Sneak Peek | Q&A w/ C-Sostre Architecture


Just as spring has sprung in pockets of the country, MA+DS Modern Home Tours returns to a city that’s perpetually warm: San Antonio, Texas. For the San Antonio tour on Saturday, April 8 we’ve lined up a slate of homes that showcase different takes on “modern.”

One home we can’t wait to step inside is the Sostre residence on Sleepy Hollow. What makes this home unique is it’s story: it’s a home remodel designed and built by Cesar Sostre for his parents, Cesar Sostre and Guenola Odio. The project consisted of stripping down the old look of the home and modernizing the floorplan and exterior to fit the taste and needs of Cesar & Guenola, who wished to both showcase Cesar’s artistic vision and incorporate their wishlist for their dream home.

We had the chance to chat with C-Sostre Architecture to hear more about the project as well as the opportunities and challenges of designing for one’s parents.

Q&A w/ Cesar Sostre, C-Sostre Architecture

Tell us a little more about your firm, C-Sostre Architecture, and the “master-builder” approach to architecture.

C-Sostre was established as a small family owned firm by Cesar Sostre 7 years ago. We have been fortunate to be part of diverse and challenging projects, which have given us the opportunity to learn more about the building aspect of architecture.

You designed this remodel project for your parents. How did having such a personal relationship with the clients/homeowners influence your design?

No two projects are the same just as no two clients are the same. This project was unique because we beheld this project as if it was our own home. Having such insight into the owner’s likes, dislikes, must haves, and personality gave us the obvious advantage. However, this project was not free of challenges. Since this was a complete remodel, we had to consider the original framework of the home and transform it to fit the needs and wishes of its intended state.


How does this home embody your vision of modern?

Considering that the initial style of the home was not modern, we incorporated the personal style my parents desired within their taste of modern. We understood the level of modern they preferred, yet aimed to give the look of the home lasting and practical characteristics.


What were the biggest challenges posed by this project?

We approached the challenges expected as potential opportunities in an effort to convert the old into the new. Between the current conditions of the home and knowing what the end result needed to be, the biggest challenge was definitely executing the transformation.


What are a few features of the home that tour-goers should keep an eye out for?

The features we are most proud of are actually the ones that we designed and built with our own two hands. My father is a big fireplace aficionado and he wanted Cesar to design the fireplaces in the living room, his master suite, and the outdoor fireplace. The staircase design was also Cesar’s concept which ended up being the highlight of the home.


Join us for the San Antonio MA+DS Modern Home Tour on April 8 — get your tickets here!

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