Phrenology Head | A Giveaway from The Inglenook Decor

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could absolutely tell the personality of a person just by the shape of their head or skull? It would definitely make dating so easy! Phrenology was a 19th century theory that a person’s character or traits can be inferred by the shape of his or her skull. Founded in 1790 by Austrian physician Franz Joseph Gall, the theory was later criticized as quackery and almost as true as a palm or astrological reading.

So, the pseudo-science of phrenology is now defunct, but it doesn’t mean we can’t use the idea for other things. Oh…like using them as bookends, a tabletop accessory, even a paperweight. I say, it will be amazing with both modern and vintage or rustic pieces.

The giveaway today is a Phrenology Head from The Inglenook Decor. I think your library is calling for this piece. Enter here!

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