Refreshment Stop: STACKLAB Showroom (Open 12-4pm)

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Refreshments Available from 12:00pm-4:00pm
28 Eastern Ave. | Toronto | M5A 1H5

Ticket-holders have access to the tour’s designated rest stop: the STACKLAB ShowroomComplimentary refreshments will be served and tour-goers can browse some astounding examples of modern furniture.

STACKLAB is a Toronto based multidisciplinary design and fabrication studio. Lead by Jeff Forrest, the STACKLAB team is dedicated to creating luxury heirloom works that blend pioneering technology with traditional best practices. The concept of customization lives at the root of every STACKLAB project, and their fascination with the study of material and process is a communal point of pride. At the heart of their business however, the STACKLAB team believes that design without purpose is meaningless. As such, each piece is created with both an objective and an owner in mind. A fine balance between artisanal curiosity and meticulous innovation lays the foundation upon which STACKLAB, and Forrest’s entire body of work, has been built.

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Photograph by Paul Alexander
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Photograph by Sean McBride / Module Media

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