11 Awesome Ideas for Spring Greening

That science thing?  It’s absolutely real and studies have proven it.  A little green in your space has been shown to improve attentiveness and lower anxiety, along with several other amazing benefits.  And speaking of space, even NASA knows plants are an awesome idea –  they found that  indoor plants can play a critical role in cleaning toxins out of our indoor environment.

So, while there’s nothing like a little green to brighten up any home, it’s not just a question of decorating.   And with spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to bring a splash of the outside, inside!

We went through our archives and found some great modern accents from past tours, and then, because we know you like convenience, found them on Amazon (and in a few other places).  So check out our suggestions, and we’re sure you’ll agree – this stuff is cool!

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