Austin Eye Candy

Talk about eye candy: Look+See Vision Care is now open in South Austin, dreamed up by the award-winning firm MF Architecture.


What started as an empty commercial shell, Look+See Vision Care is a full interior-finish out that includes a relaxing front of house with display area for 800 frames, a casual lounge in ample natural light, and dispensing areas for trying on and comparing various frames and brands. The design also includes an in-house lab where lenses are crafted by hand, specialty testing and evaluation areas, 3 exam rooms, a break area, and offices.

The architecture works closely with existing branding to create a cohesive and comfortable environment that is memorable, recognizable, and functional. Expansion and growth were carefully considered, as all spaces were designed with the future of Look+See in mind.

Simple and natural materials act as a neutral palette and backdrop for frames, lenses, and customers to stand out. Floating reclaimed wood shelves, built by Hatch Workshop,  are accentuated with painted undersides that articulate the existing Look+See branding colors, providing nuanced bursts of colors against white concrete block walls as the shelves turn and fold around through the space.

A local favorite, the design work of MF Architecture is based on the belief that each project is unique, as it should be driven by the client, the site and its surroundings, satisfying the rights of all inhabitants while fulfilling functional requirements with individuality, rather than being a singular, preconceived aesthetic. MF Architecture promotes a transparent design process including a direct collaboration with client and builder. Likewise, the office fosters honesty and functionality in design itself, with a belief in balancing restraint and expression in broad design moves as well as details. The team enthusiastically takes on the unique challenges presented by each project to inspire highly creative, cost-effective solutions meant to enhance building performance and daily life as a whole. The team has a passion rooted in expanding the conventional reach and impact of architecture among the general public and within popular culture. Everyday objects are often taken as inspiration for their simplicity but unlimited potentials and relevance to create extraordinary and functional architectural elements.

Photography: Leonid Furmansky

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