Holst Architecture: 1958 NW Raleigh St.


1958 NW Raleigh St. | Portland | 97210
Architecture by: Holst Architecture
Photography by: Josh Partee Photography

Built: 2013, 1-2 Bathrooms, 629-886 Square Feet

Sawyer’s Row, part of Portland’s Northwest Plan District, is composed of two 3-story, wood-frame walk-up buildings. Forty apartments, 20 units per building, are arranged on all three levels. The material palette is a balance of textured cedar rain screen cladding system with cement stucco, steel canopies, and an aluminum storefront.

Rather than consume the site with a long, overbearing structure, Holst broke the building into four smaller parts, physically and figuratively. The reduced scale and proportions promote a residential neighborhood feel, setting the tone for new development in this area of the city. Situated in a former industrial area, Sawyer’s Row is surrounded by an eclectic mix of industrial, commercial, and multi- and single-family buildings, and sets an example for successful future infill development in the neighborhood.

Each building module is 50 feet wide, scaled to mimic a traditional storefront in a walkable city. Furthermore, the facade is animated through the creative patterning of windows, cedar siding, and alternating one- and two-story entrance alcoves. The floors are shifted slightly, producing varying vertical bays and giving the impression of horizontal movement.

The project opened in December 2013.


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