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T-shirts. They’re one of life’s items that just seem to accumulate by the pile. Concert tees, sports team tees, summer camp tees…no matter the sentimental value, they all seem destined to a life stuffed in a drawer.

Umbra is out to change that. A unique wall fixture, the Umbra T-Frame immortalizes some of your favourite tees. From statement shirts to concert memorabilia and vintage wear, it cleverly converts any clothing into a hip, modern art.

The T-Frame was the winner of a design competition hosted by Umbra with the Pratt School of Design in Brooklyn, NY. Two young designers, Caleb Ferris and Prakhar Mehrotra, came up with the T-Frame out of necessity. They enjoyed the t-shirts they brought home from music events, but wanted to display them in a fun and original way – and so was born the T-Frame.

Now you have the chance to take home your own T-Frame! Click here to register for your chance to win, and check out the cool how-to video below!

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