Giveaway | ‘Strategies’ Wood Box and Dominoes from Novica

I can’t decide if I want to admire or play with this week’s giveaway!

This beautiful dominoes set and box is hand-carved from sheesham wood and adorned with a brass inlay, making it the kind of game you’ll never want to put away.

The set comes from Suresh and Devender Garg who have this to say about their craft:

I always wanted my profession to be related to the field of art … I am the guiding factor for my craftsmen, who create these exquisite boxes and other works based on my unique designs.

The giveaway comes from Novica, a cool company that works to provide artists and artisans the ability to create and sell unique items at great values that allows you to form a greater attachment to the product and the hands that created it.

Click here for your chance to win the ‘Strategies’ Wood Box and Dominoes Set and be sure to check out more of Novica’s offerings from Suresh and Devender Garg.

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