Giveaway | Sticks Multi Hook from Umbra

This week’s giveaway will make coming and going from home a little bit easier and a lot more stylish.

I’m sure I’m not alone in that when I get home from a day out I’ll throw my coat over a chair or on the couch because I’m too tired (or lazy) to put it on a hanger. The Sticks Multi Hook from Umbra makes taking care of your coats, scarves, and bags that much easier by providing an easy way to hang up your stuff using hooks that blend into this piece of molded art. Five of the sticks fold down to form hooks for hanging, or you can keep them flipped up to blend into the pattern.  It makes for a great piece of art all year round, whether you’re hanging coats or not.

The design for these hooks comes from David Quan, senior designer at Umbra, whose work on sustainability, plastic, and design thinking falls right in line with Umbra’s mission: to create modern, original, and inexpensive product design.

To enter to win the Sticks Multi Hook, click here and be sure to check out David Quan’s other great designs at Umbra.

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