Giveaway | Napa Wine Rack from Umbra


Here’s one for our wine connoisseurs. This week, we’re giving away Umbra’s Napa Wine Rack, a free-standing, stackable metal rack that interlocks onto each other to grow with your wine collection.

The Napa Wine Rack was designed by Jordan Murphy, a product designer at Umbra. Made from sheet steel, Napa was created to be durable. It can be stacked up to three high, allowing you to store more wine while taking up a truly small footprint. Napa is different from other wine racks in how minimal it is – its design based on simple geometry that relates so closely to what it’s required to do – hold wine bottles!

We’ve got some other exciting giveaways from Umbra lined up in the next several weeks, so be sure to check back! As for the Napa Wine Rack, for your chance to win — and wine — click here!

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