Giveaway | Magnetized Bottle Opener from Areaware

This week’s giveaway from Areaware will earn your home bar some major cred.

Sophisticated in its rustic simplicity, this magnetized bottle opener is indispensible. It is such a simple tool with such great and well thought-out utility. A single bent nail bent nail functions as a lever to pry off a bottle cap, and a magnet catches it. An additional magnet adheres the bottle opener to the refrigerator or other magnetic surfaces when not in use. To sum it up: one magnet catches the bottle cap; the other allows the bottle opener to be kept on the fridge.

The giveaway comes from Areaware, a New York City based producer of everyday objects that are both functional and unusual. Areaware is a strong voice for American design, with an eye out for creating thoughtful products that inspire an emotional response and exploring design languages as a means of creating new syncretic forms.  The bottle opener itself was designed by Brendan Ravenhill, an industrial designer in love with the  functional beauty of working tools and wooden boats.

See the bottle opener in action in the video below, and click here for your chance to win it for yourself!


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