Giveaway | IDEA International LED Watch from Design Public

We’ve got another great giveaway from Design Public!

Many of us check the time with our phones, but reaching into your pocket, pressing a button and then replacing it has nothing on the convenience of glancing at your wrist. And for all their dexterity, phones will never match the design sense of a wristwatch, which is why I’m currently admiring this watch from IDEA International. The LED Watch pares down classic watch design to true minimalism by eliminating the numbers and repurposing the digital LED segments from our bedside alarm clocks as the hands.  The look is clean, fun and convenient.

IDEA International is a company that creates and promotes Japanese design, which is known for being both minimal and innovative.  Their products range from personal accessories to modern decor, always pairing creative solutions with visual harmony.

To register to win this week’s giveaway, click here. Be sure to check out Design Public’s other IDEA International offerings!

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