Giveaway | Conceal Shelf from Uncommon Goods

This week’s giveaway is so minimalist that it disappears right into your home decor; it’s the Conceal Shelf from Uncommon Goods!

In the age of the e-book, the presence of a bookshelf in a person’s home still holds a lot of weight. It conveys a depth of intelligence that an e-reader can’t and it showcases your personal tastes. And it doesn’t hurt that some well-designed hardcovers look fantastic on display. If you’ve ever looked for a way to display your books without the bulk of a shelf, or if you’ve ever wanted to delight your friends with what appears to be a stack of books hovering near your wall, then we’ve got the perfect shelf for you.

The Conceal Shelf from Uncommon Goods is made of powder coated steel and designed by Miron Lior, whose affinity for minimalist design is effectively on display. Uncommon Goods strives to provide well-designed, high-quality consumer products at affordable prices.

Whether you’re into fun optical illusions or just good design, you might want to enter here for your chance to win this week’s giveaway.

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