Arthur Erickson and the Montiverdi Estates

There’s a trend emerging.  Seeing a demand for high design, modern-concept living spaces, a number of architects, designers, and developers have begun creating new housing developments crafted to meet the demands of modern homebuyers.

Wilder Lane Modernist Community, Denver

Earlier this year we profiled one such community in Denver and we know of several others either breaking ground or in the construction phase.  But maybe “emerging” isn’t the right word.  Maybe it’s “re-emerging.”  After all, the Wilder Lane project in Denver is meant to echo the earlier Modernist neighborhoods of the 50s and 60s, and any visitor to the San Francisco Bay should take a drive through the neighborhoods packed with beautifully renovated Eichlers.

And if you’re in Vancouver, Canada, Montiverdi Estates offers an historic take on the concept of the modern neighborhood. Designed in 1979 by Arthur Erickson, Canada’s famed modernist architect, Montiverdi Estates offers a uniquely regional implementation of West Coast modernist traditions.

Says Desiree LaCas of LCI design, “The concept [for Montiverdi Estates] was to create a park-like setting with no formal definition of property lines. Each home is sensitively placed within the site, blending with the natural landscape and in relation to each other. The [homes] display all the classic traits that define the West Coast Style: the use of wood and glass, integration of interior and exterior spaces, extensive glazing, orientation towards views, within a forest setting and abundant natural light.”

Montiverde Estates Interior. Photo courtesy of LCI Design

Perhaps even more well known are Erickson’s accomplishments as an urban architect and planner.  From futuristic structures like the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington (USA) to buildings that draw inspiration from the wooded and ancient Pacific Northwest, Erickson demonstrated mastery of architectural excellence in almost every form imaginable.  For his work, Erickson was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1973, and the AIA Gold Medal in 1986.

To see more of Arthur Erickson’s work, visit the official website.

An Arthur Erickson Montiverdi Estates home will be featured on the upcoming 2017 Vancouver Modern Home Tour.  Learn more here.

Tacoma Museum of Glass. Wikimedia Commons Photo



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