A Dazzling Design in the Dominion | Q&A w/ Oscar E. Flores Design Studio

Credit: Kevin Saunders Photography

This weekend’s tour will features two homes by Oscar E. Flores Design Studio, including a luxurious modern residence that sits in the Dominion. From the stunning metal structure at the home’s entrance, the floating staircase, and the breathtaking hill country views down to the nuanced final finishes and design touches, this home is a work of art.

We caught up with Oscar E. Flores Design Studio to hear more about this home and how San Antonio is embracing modern design.

 Q&A w/ Oscar E. Flores Design Studio

Tell us a bit about Oscar E. Flores Design Studio and what sets you apart from other design and architecture studios.

Oscar E. Flores Design Studio was opened in 2007 by Oscar E. Flores. Oscar was educated in Mexico and came to San Antonio, TX in 2001.  Although Oscar works on traditional and transitional designs in his studio, he has a passion for modern. OFDS works with client preferences and allows them to try something traditional, transitional or altogether out of the box. Also, many custom builders choose OFDS to work as their “in house” custom home designer.

Oscar’s design studio is setting new modern, international and major metro design trends in the mostly traditional design market in San Antonio, TX. These unique, out of the box designs are known to push the HOA ACC boundaries in several neighborhoods in the area. He is also characterized by his creativity, attention to detail and approach in capturing and creating the best design for the customer’s needs and wants. Every client is unique and through a set of questions, site visits and face-to-face interviews, OFDS gets to know the client and creates the best solution/design taking into consideration clients’ necessities and preference in design style. There are things clients do not even know they need, but through the interview process, Oscar identifies it.

Credit: Kevin Saunders Photography

The home you designed in The Dominion will be featured on the upcoming San Antonio MA+DS Modern Home Tour. How does this home embody your vision of “modern”?

Oscar’s vision of modern is defined by the use of various elements including natural and artificial lighting, design features and materials which are harmoniously combined to create a clean, white, functional space with movement. This home uses its location on the hill, materials such as glass, iron, color, flooring materials and finishes in combination with design features such as flat roofs, beams, large windows and doors, large open spaces, variations in ceiling/roof height and use of natural lighting to create clean lines and movement which help define Oscar’s vision of “modern.”

A key unique design feature which you will see in most of Oscar E. Flores Design Studio’s homes are the large decorative exterior walls with square holes in it.  It can clearly be seen in this house, both in the front and back of the home.

Credit: Kevin Saunders Photography

In what ways is the design of the home responding to its site and surroundings?

This is a great example of a home using and responding to its surroundings. Located on the side of a hill, construction was not easy. It was redesigned and tweaked many times to ensure we had the best use of its location considering accessibility to the home, views, and natural lighting. With limited horizontal space, the house was designed with two-stories to ensure all rooms had a great view. The driveway is carved into the side of the hill as you enter. It leads you to a large, flat, open space as you approach the main entry and the garages. The front entry glass and iron door and back glass windows and doors allow you to see right through the house as you enter. The best use of its location can be clearly seen in the back part of the home. All rooms in the home have large, floor-to-ceiling windows or glass sliding doors which enable the homeowner to enjoy full views of the beautiful hill country from almost every location in the home. The large open living space opens up its large glass doors into the outdoor living space, which enables the homeowner to more comfortably take in the views.

Credit: Kevin Saunders Photography

How do you see San Antonio embracing modern design trends?

Although it has been very slow, we have noticed that in the last 3 years, San Antonio has started to respect and appreciate modern design and architecture more as a whole. Slowly but surely, we have more and more clients asking for modern. At first, most clients were apprehensive and asked from something transitional, but now we see more requests for modern. The main limitation or roadblock we see in San Antonio embracing modern is subdivision design restrictions.  Many clients want more modern but are limited by what is allowed by their HOA. There are also very few neighborhoods in San Antonio which allow modern designs, so not a lot of options. We have seen, however, a slow turn in some restrictions due to homeowners speaking up and as modern design trends gain popularity and support in the community.

Credit: Kevin Saunders Photography

What are a few features of the home that tour-goers should keep an eye out for?

This home has many interesting features all tour-goers should watch out for, but our favorites are found in the master bedroom and outdoor living space. The design of the master bedroom is special. It has an all-open concept between the bedroom and bathroom. It is only somewhat divided by the double-sided fireplace. You can also enjoy a beautiful sunset as you relax in the tub after a long day. The outdoor space is fantastic. Not only do you have the beautiful views, but you can also enjoy the fire feature separating the pool and the mini golf area. A key design feature, which you will see in most of Oscar E. Flores Design Studio’s homes, are the large white decorative exterior walls with square holes in it.  It can clearly be seen in this house, both in the front and back of the home.  It is beautifully illuminated at night with LED lights.

Want to see this home for yourself? Buy your tickets to the 2017 San Antonio MA+Ds Modern Home Tour!

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