Austin Modern Home Tour | Q&A w/ Steve Zagorski, Architect


Austin-based architect Steve Zagorski is responsible for some of the most stunning modern residences in the city. Among the impressive spaces designed by Steve is 2405 Rockingham Circle, which will open its doors for this weekend’s Austin Modern Home Tour.

Located in the heart of Austin’s favorite 78704, on the corner of Barton Parkway and Rockingham Circle, this home is sure to thrill tour-goers. Using light, space and proportion, the architect endeavored to create interconnectivity between architecture and nature, which he achieves through a wood-decked central courtyard through which the home revolves and floor-to-ceiling windows that bring the outside in.

As we gear up for Saturday, we sat down with Steve – who is an official sponsor for this year’s tour – who filled us in on what to keep an eye out for this weekend.

Q&A w/ Steve Zagorski, Steve Zagorski Architects 

You’ve designed homes locally, regionally, and internationally. What would you say is the common thread that courses through all of the homes you’ve designed?

Well thought out space, light and proportion.

Something that sets you apart is your years of experience and world travels. From the traveling you’ve done, how have you felt that the architectural vernacular of other regions of the world translates to somewhere like Austin?

Austin is much like Italy or Latin America in that the use of exterior space is important. In Rockingham, it’s the courtyard and the use of the building to form an exterior space.


How do you see your craft evolving, in Austin and in other parts of the country?

Our projects are becoming more mature and refined.

One of your homes — 2405 Rockingham — will be featured on the upcoming tour. What features of the home should tour-goers be sure to keep their eyes out for?

The main space is the glue that holds the project together. It is essentially a void between two solids that forms a courtyard.


Want to check out Steve’s home in person? Grab your tickets to the Austin Modern Home Tour!

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