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MN Custom Homes works at the forefront of design, technology, and integrated practice to deliver award-winning luxury homes at unmatched quality and speed. Our architect-driven, technology-empowered process uses revolutionary thinking, optimal work processes, and powerful tools to break the Iron Triangle of project design and delivery – so we don’t have to sacrifice quality, economy, or schedule creating world-class luxury homes for our customers.

MN Custom Homes is featured on the 2023 Seattle Modern Home Tour.

MN Custom Homes 2023 Seattle Modern Home Tour

MN Custom Homes – 2023 Seattle Modern Home Tour Featured Home

What is the core mission of MN Custom Homes?

Great design is our passion. Creating beautiful, compelling homes which will stand the test of time is our mission. At MN Studio – our in-house architecture and design specialists – our award-winning design staff create luxurious, high-quality homes for our partners and customers every day. Each home we design is unique, tailor-fit to its place and residents with timeless attention to quality and elegance.

MN Custom Homes 2023 Seattle Modern Home Tour Living Room

MN Custom Homes – Tour Home Living Room

Tell us about the Tour home – particularly any aspects that make it “modern” in terms of design or finishes. Is there one unique or outstanding feature that is particularly special?

The inspirational concept behind this home was to seamlessly combine practicality and serene interior design, featuring a warm color palette and a selection of exceptional material choices.

The home’s primary focal points are brought to life through the incorporation of natural stone, quartz, and porcelain slabs. You’ll find distinctive, one-of-a-kind patterns in the stone used for both fireplaces, the kitchen backsplash, and the powder room’s waterfall slab vanity. The integration of various stone types and colors lends depth and dimension to the living space, creating an inviting and timeless ambiance. Throughout the home, different hard surface materials echo the sandy hues of travertine, infusing warmth, tranquility, and coziness into every corner. Wood slats make an appearance in select areas, introduced through tile and patterned millwork, enhancing the concept of simplicity and visual equilibrium. To add a touch of elegance, brass-colored light fixtures and hardware act as exquisite accents, providing a glistening golden contrast to the dreamy material finishes.

MN Custom Homes 2023 Seattle Modern Home Tour Kitchen

MN Custom Homes

What are your thoughts on contemporary homes in general – how does MN “push the boundaries” of contemporary design?

MN Custom Homes 2023 Seattle Modern Home Tour Kitchen

Contemporary homes offer a dynamic canvas for creative expression, with their emphasis on clean lines, open spaces, and the integration of modern technology. At MN we like to “push the boundaries” of contemporary design using innovative materials, smart technology and incorporating textured surfaces that add depth and character to the interior.

Our interpretation of a contemporary twist on the ‘mid-century modern’ design ethos incorporates oversized tiles and strategically integrates wooden slats through the use of patterned millwork and tiling in specific areas of the home. This approach underscores the concept of simplicity and visual equilibrium.

MN Custom Homes 2023 Seattle Modern Home Tour Living Room and Kitchen

The Modern Architecture + Design Society welcomses MN Custom Homes to the 2023 Seattle Modern Home Tour!

All images courtesy MN Custom Homes

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