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M.Designs Architects is a Palo Alto, California based architecture, planning and interior design firm specializing in sustainable, residential design as well as commercial and industrial projects.

With more than 47 years of combined management experience in all aspects of designing, documentation and construction support, as well as an extensive background in construction and cost estimating for architectural projects, M.Designs Architects’ expertise ranges from home and office remodels to new home, Eichler home, townhouses, villas, estates and mid-size commercial projects. M.Designs Architects is featured on the 2023 Silicon Valley Modern Home Tour

MDesigns Architects 2023 Silicon Valley Modern Home Tour

Who is M.Designs?  What is the firm’s core mission and history?

Our company is driven by a mission to create exceptional value for everyone we touch. We believe in fostering lasting relationships with our customers, going above and beyond to deliver memorable experiences that build strong, enduring connections. We strive to make everyone we encounter feel like a friend for life.

At the heart of our company is a culture of caring. We place extraordinary emphasis on looking after our employees, treating them like family by providing them with the support, encouragement, and resources they need to flourish both professionally and personally. We believe that investing in our employees is key to building a strong, resilient company that can adapt to the ever-changing marketplace.

We embrace our social responsibility by prioritizing long-term sustainability in everything we do. We recognize that our actions as architects have an impact on our planet, and we believe it is our responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth. Our goal is to give back to the planet at least twice as much as we take from it.

Diversity and inclusiveness are essential components of our culture. We recognize the underrepresentation of minority ethnic groups and women in the architecture field and strive to be part of the solution. We believe that diverse viewpoints and experiences lead to better outcomes for all, and we are committed to creating a respectful and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and heard. We are proud to be setting goals to promote diversity and inclusiveness in everything we do.

At our company, we remain steadfast in our commitment to creating value for our customers, our employees, and the planet. We believe that by embodying these values, we can make a meaningful impact on the world and leave a positive legacy for future generations.

M.Designs Architects

Malika Junaid, M.Designs Architects Principal

Does M.Designs have a certain “style” or design or philosophy that you build around?  Are there any architectural elements in your homes that create a “signature” M.Designs look?

M.Designs Architects

M.Designs Architects Custom Home

Our design philosophy is rooted in marrying the richness of the past with innovations of the future. We are committed to creating sustainable spaces that can adapt to the evolving world and integrating cutting-edge technology where possible.

When it comes to space, we believe that every inch counts. No matter the size of a space or its usage, it can be given its own unique character, providing drama and impact. Even the smallest powder room for example can exude its own personality, and we firmly believe that you can create magic anywhere.

One of our Principal’s favorite challenges is working on complex sites that others find difficult. She relishes the process of untangling the complexities and bringing a project to life which exceeds the client’s expectations and dreams. The joy of creating a solution that is both functional and beautiful is what makes design so much more rewarding.

In summary, we strive to create timeless designs that elegantly integrate technological advances and the client’s needs . We delight ourselves in creating unforgettable spaces with character, no matter the size, and relish the challenges of the most complex projects.

I believe the Taaffe residence has stood out in terms of creativity, challenge, use of smart technology and sustainability. This home gave us the freedom to create as we felt right and what felt close to our hearts.

You will notice more modern, sleek designs as dominating our palette, however we don’t restrict ourselves to it, as we go with our clients wishes as demonstrated in our Blackberry, Ray and Casita Residences, you will notice that all three are completely different from one another and unique in their own way. For instance, one client desired a nostalgic touch of Asia, while another wished for sustainable and reclaimed materials. In the third project, we sourced unique, immaculate pieces from across the world to satisfy the client’s vision.

M.Designs Architects

M.Designs Architects Outdoor Living

What separates M.Designs Architects from other architecture and design firms?

At our architecture firm, we recognize that architecture is a powerful catalyst for change. We aspire to be pioneers in our field, pushing the boundaries of design, engineering, and artistry to create structures that inspire and endure.

Innovation and adaptability are at the core of our design process. We strive to challenge convention and offer new perspectives, as seen in our bold use of an airplane hangar as a glass wall in a hilltop dwelling. We leverage modern technologies to make such innovations possible.

At the heart of our work is a dedication to the human experience. We believe that architecture should respond effectively to the needs and aspirations of our clients, and we take care to consider every aspect of their lives and work. We understand that aesthetics are more than skin-deep and should serve a practical purpose.

We celebrate diversity and believe that inclusivity is essential for successful design. Research shows that diverse teams are more effective at developing thoughtful, innovative solutions, and we pride ourselves on fostering an environment that encourages the contributions of every individual.

As responsible stewards of our community and environment, we take seriously our obligation to give back. Our philanthropic endeavors include supporting education for young girls in remote areas of Asia, donating to research for Stanford’s children’s cancer hospital, and planting a percentage of trees for each house we build.

At our firm, we remain committed to pushing the limits of what’s possible and delivering exceptional design solutions that benefit our clients, society, and the world we inhabit.

M.Designs Architects

All images courtesy M.Designs Architects and Malika Junaid, Principal.

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