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2Scale Architects

Houses reflect the values of their occupants. Tall and grand says something; low and modest says something; haphazard and chaotic says something; simple and elegant says something. In a neighborhood evolving away from its early 20th century bungalow roots where front porches and gable-front homes were the norm, the Pierce Residence finds itself amongst giants— large townhomes and towering apartment blocks.  

While this is a 4-bedroom, almost 3500 s.f. home, far larger than the quintessential “bungalow” of its fore-bearers, the steep gable roof helps organize the home into more human-sized parts than the typical “build-line-to-build-line” homes nearby, so it feels more approachable, more familiar. It feels like a house. The front porch’s wide berth invites folks from the sidewalk to the entryway just like homes of yesteryear.  

images: TK Studio

LEAM Design Build

Entering Outside was the inspiration for this home. 

Accent wooden walls and LED lighted white oak furniture generate a warm atmosphere while maintaining a minimalist design style. Preservation of the vegetation was given such a priority in the design and outdoor views that some trees are even passing through the roof. Hidden doors, mirrored built-in elevated beds, moving walls, and concealed staircases are other features that make this home unique. 

images: Estudio Rob


Set on a spacious lot, in Hilshire Village this modern home was designed to meet the needs of a family of four. The rooms on the ground level are oriented with a view of the pool and landscape. The connected outdoor living area provides space for entertaining and relaxation while still maintaining ample lawn space where the family’s beloved dogs love to roam. The exterior features black wide-plank siding and tumbled midcentury brick in a Black/Gray mix. Bamboo siding and soffits accent the monochromatic exterior palette. Inside, the open floor plan combines with large windows to create a bright and airy atmosphere. The modern interior design focuses on clean lines with black accents and white oak cabinetry serving to anchor the space.

images: Luis Ayala


The Sugar Land residence sits at the edge of waterfront property and takes advantage of the quietness of the suburban surroundings. The one and a half-story house is defined by strong horizontal lines with massing of ledgestone, floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors and windows, and various custom steel details. The layout embraces an outdoor covered patio, terraced wood decks, and tree canopies while maximizing the lake view. The first floor consists of an open concept floor plan of living, dining and kitchen with a private wing for bedrooms. The second floor maintains a small footprint of secondary bedrooms.

images: courtesy StudioMET

RefuGe Design Studio

As with many of the new homes in Bellaire, TX, this project is a product of change and modernization. This 4 br/4ba, stylized Modern Farmhouse, is a passive response to the post-World War II cottages, that dotted the incorporated town, within a growing city. However, this truly unique home is built on a crawl space that effectively allows the gables to soar, and the furnish-able front and rear porches to maintain the neighborly, urban fabric. Deeper porches allow for usable outdoor spaces, in the harsh Texas summers, while also conserving energy. 

Spatially, the first floor plan is designed as an open concept, avoiding any wasted square footage. Conceptually, the intent was to take advantage of the full, allowable, width of the lot. Additionally, abundant natural light increases the dimensional perception of space.

The 2nd floor is also a study in avoiding wasted space, evident in the ample sizes of the private spaces (bedrooms & bathrooms). The hall creates a simple, unobstructed, linear spine with windows facing the Great Room. This design feature allows for privacy and noise reduction, while engaging additional, filtered natural light. The Master Suite includes a Lounge/ Coffee Bar, that also take advantage of windows facing the Great Room. Other than closets and secondary bathrooms, there are no dark spaces, in this home.

images: TK Images

Boxprefab / Intexure

Boxprefab produces precision-built, environmentally friendly, and smartly-designed prefabricated homes, ADU’s, and hospitality suites in half the time as site-built construction. For the FINAL STOP on this year’s tour, tourgoers get a unique opportunity to see the innovative factory. 

Boxprefab’s homes are inherently more sustainable, produced with less waste in a controlled environment with less impacts to the site and a smaller carbon footprint. During construction, the risks of mold and toxins are minimized while improving indoor air quality to the finished home. These structures are enhanced to withstand the rigors of transportation, built with tighter tolerances, and without exposure to weather under a rigorous quality assurance program with additional inspections and testing. Boxprefab’s projects are typically completed in half the time of site built construction by reducing weather delays, and by sequencing sitework concurrent to factory production in a streamlined and easy process.

images: BoxPrefab

Let's Go On A Journey To Find Inspiration!

Tour the homes. Meet the architects and designers, and Get Inspired!  The 2023 Houston Modern Home Tour takes you inside of Houston’s coolest homes, and face-to-face with the creative geniuses that make them a reality!

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