The 2023 Austin MOdern Home Tour

image: Andrea Calo

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About 48 hours before Tour Day, watch your email for a printable PDF map and info packet, as well as links to a dynamic online map for easy navigation.

03 Visit the Homes on Tour Day

Travel at your own pace as you visit the homes in any order you wish between 10 AM and 6 PM on Saturday only.

Sunday extension homes open 10-4 PM Sunday only.

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Showcasing Amazing Examples of "Modern" Austin Today!

Studio Momentum Architects + Newcastle Homes

Newcastle Homes and Studio Momentum worked closely with the owners to achieve a gallery-like space, flooded with natural light. The home is a single story with two wings enclosing a large, private outdoor courtyard. One wing serves as the primary suite, while the other hosts guest suites, both meeting at a core great room with soaring ceilings for living and dining. Studio Momentum’s architectural skill and Newcastle Homes’ building expertise created a truly client-driven project that captures the art, light, natural environment and clean, uncluttered aesthetic of the owners.

images: Atelier Wong Photography

Joseph Design Build

Guided by timeless tenets of interconnectivity, and informed by Joseph Design Build’s unique approach to Austin-inspired modernism, The Gibson Residence is a harmonious haven of careful balance.

images: Andrea Calo

Tornbjerg Design

The home was designed for a family with a passion for architecture and design. After considering many potential properties, a challenging site in Cat Mountain Estates was identified. The property was beautifully set amid mature oak trees and, by city standards, undeveloped surroundings. The natural slope of the lot posed a unique challenge.

images: Travis Baker with Twist Tours

Thurman Homes

While Thurman Homes has been a fixture of the Austin Modern Home Tour for years, this year marks their first tour home built in Whisper Valley. Thurman Homes selected the location to offer a truly unique energy saving feature: it is the only subdivision in the United States where every home is heated and cooled by a geothermal grid. Whisper Valley’s shared infrastructure approach to conservation, sustainability and energy efficiency lends a holistic approach to community unmatched anywhere in the world. If you are going to build modern, it just makes sense to build in a cutting edge community.

images: Thurman Homes

coXist Studio with smartDigs Austin

The Sculpture Residences are situated overlooking Dimension Gallery Sculpture Park. The design was inspired by Tom Bandages’ sculpture, Functor No. 4, which resides in the adjacent park. This juxtaposition can be seen in the elevations of the Main house and ADU facing the park.

images: Leonid Furmansky

Workshop No. 5 with Mosier Luxury Homes

The Burney Residence is designed as a contemporary single family home with a butterfly roof. Intentionally visualized to fit the scale of the neighborhood while creating a hard to miss facade. The three volumes starting at the garage creates a slow crescendo towards the two story volume.

images: Robert Gomez

Moontower Design Build

All the features of new construction with the architectural DNA of the original bungalow. Moontower provided architectural, general contracting, and interior selection services short of soft goods on this Central Austin home while despite being 99% new construction preserves the architectural scale of the street set by the original 1947 home. 

images: Erin Holsonback – “An Indoor Lady”

Verde Builders Custom Homes

Description Coming Soon!

images: Twist Tours | Travis Baker

Charles Di Piazza Architecture

Dogtrot House is located in the historic Heritage Neighborhood, a walkable community characterized by the modest sizes and simple shapes of 1920s bungalows, and in close proximity to public parks and transportation links. With self-initiative, a neighborhood resident turned activist-developer purchased the property and asked for a design that acknowledges the efficiency of bungalows while simultaneously addressing some deficiencies of the type such as dark interiors and little continuity with the hosting lot.

images: Ibai Rigby

Revent Builds

Envisioned by Revent owner, John Gioffre, and constructed by Revent Builds with architecture and interior design from Joseph Design Build, this home incorporates Victorian design elements inside and out while embodying modern building technology for energy efficiency, smart home capability, and long-lasting construction materials and methods.

images: Leonid Furmansky

Intexure Architects + Boxprefab

As an architect-led prefab ADU this project provides efficient modern living in just 900sf. As a two story home the footprint helps preserve backyard space including deck and pool areas. Designed to be set against the corner of a lot, the pivoted second floor creates additional outdoor space on the second floor and a covered outdoor space on the first floor. The ADU typology allows homeowners to add extra living space and value to their property by utilizing their backyard, adding needed density and housing solutions to the urban environment while helping preserve the original neighborhood fabric.

images: Jamie Leasure / MA+DS

Render ATX (formerly ESS Design+Build)

The Hyde Park Revival, a nearly century-old, mission-style stucco home in Hyde Park, neighboring Commodore Perry Estate, underwent a whole home restoration in homage to the surrounding historic neighborhood. Originally a duplex, the homeowner sought to transition it into a single unit, utilizing the full square footage of the building envelope. Render ATX managed the turnkey design+build, embarking on a whole house contemporary restoration to increase living space, add natural light, and maximize functionality with the latest aesthetic & home performance updates. The home boasts beautifully crafted clay imports tile & custom full overlay Italian cabinetry. Render ATX took great care maintaining the original stucco masonry exterior while replacing all windows and doors. The nearly 100 year old original white oak floors were restored and paired with a contemporary trimless (no baseboard) finish along with trimless doors for ultimate sleek lines throughout.  Under the covers, this home also features the latest in building science technology, including a whole home dehumidifier for ultimate comfort, and the first hemp wool insulation in Austin, Texas, a non-toxic, mold-resistant and naturally fire retardant insulation material. 

images: Jamie Leasure / MA+DS

Asgar Holdings

Form and mass define a harmony of proportions, reductive surfaces, and precise lines generating a reserved architecturally-significant build.  

Constructed on just under ¼ of an acre, this spanning 3,300 sqft, 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath, 1-story home sits securely on a pier-and-beam foundation (42 columns) which is elevated 3.5’ above grade and engineered for flood resistance. This home is defined by two elongated, staggered parallel masses bridged at the center which divides common spaces from private – this creates a sound dam from neighborhood surroundings.  


images courtesy Asgar Holdings

NEW!!! Sunday Hill Country Extention


Tour 4 MORE HOMES on Sunday in Austin’s newest hill country hotspots like Driftwood, Spicewood, and more! These homes are NOT open on Saturday, and require an extension ticket.  See Ticketing Page for details.

Cornerstone Architects

This hill country modern home is a beautiful example of architecture that incorporates contemporary elements while blending fluently with its natural surroundings. Upon entering the 3,800 square foot home, the foyer allows for stunning hill country views and direct access to the backyard. All three bedrooms are privately located in the left wing of the home, including the master suite with its own private, covered terrace. Centered at the core of the home, an expansive great room features four sets of sliding glass doors opening to the front porch courtyard, as well as the rear outdoor living and alfresco dining space. The high, two-story ceiling with transom windows help maximize natural lighting to the space. The kitchen design includes a large, single island along with an adjacent counter serving the outdoor summer kitchen for convenient entertaining. A small study looks out to the front courtyard, while a second study located off the media room functions as a flex space with views to the backyard.

images: Jamie Leasure / MA+DS

Tornbjerg Design

The home was designed for a retired couple relocating to the Hill Country from Houston. The clients had secured a lovely property with fantastic views. Their desire was a modern home that reflected the vernacular and material traditions of the Hill Country, and moreover took full advantage of its site. The design follows the contours of the land and stretches itself toward the view. Long and thin in plan, the house sits on a small plinth cut into the site. The cut creates an intimate space along the rear facade with an exposed limestone cliff which recalls the ubiquitous Hill Country road cut.

images: Allison Cartwright – Twist Tours

refuGe Design Studio &
Kelle Contine Interior Design

The topography and existing site features posed an array of creative challenges. The terrain drops 15 feet almost perpendicular to the side property lines. Conceptually, the intent was to emotionally embrace the panoramic view of Lake Travis, while allowing the architecture to drop, diagonally to the lake access point. The lake access point is approximately 60 feet above the water’s edge. From that point, one can descend, via a stair carved into the cliff’s edge. Almost every space, in the home, has a truly spectacular view. The sloped landscape also includes specimen oak and cedar trees that frame the entry courtyard. The exterior palette is a composition of materials and basic forms, that blend with the landscape, and contrast the typical hill country sky.

images: Jake Holt Photography

Webber + Studio, Architects

Our client approached us with a newly purchased, incomplete residence. The goal was to provide responsible, sustainable, maintenance-free aging- in-place habitation responses for them as they begin enjoying retirement with their dogs, entertaining friends and family. Repurposing materials, we transformed incomplete concepts as a kit of parts, into a holistic response to diverse experiences throughout the property. Imbuing a regional and sustainable mindset, we were able to integrate native and natural materials, while employing local trades persons throughout construction. We set out to integrate living spaces, inside and outside, into the existing landscape, while introducing more habitable spaces including a covered outdoor living space, coined the Frontitorium. The clients lifestyle desire to entwine with the land was an underlining current: providing shelter from the harsh sun, provide privacy using angled screens, while still allowing for natural ventilation, and unobstructed views through and across the property into the hill country.

images: JP Morales

Let's Go On A Journey To Find Inspiration!

Tour the homes. Meet the architects and designers, and Get Inspired!  The 2023 Austin Modern Home Tour takes you inside of Austin’s coolest homes, and face-to-face with the creatinve geniuses that make them a reality!

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