2016 MA+DS SanDiego Modern Home Tour Important Information

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Thank you so very much for purchasing tickets to the 2016 MA+DS San Diego Modern Home Tour on Saturday, October 15, 2016! We are anticipating a very lovely full day of home touring.

Please read this entire page carefully; it contains very important information about the day’s events.

TWO VERY IMPORTANT REMINDERS. Details on these items follow below, but these are the important notes we want to stress up top:

1. Wear Shoes that are easy to take off. You will need to remove your shoes at every home!
2. Bookmark the digital map to your phone or tablet, or print the pdf map and take it with you! Maps will not be available at the homes.

TIME: Participating homes will open their doors at 11AM and will remain open until 5PM. Our event is rain or shine!

STARTING THE TOUR: Please remember to bring your Eventbrite tickets with you! Please bring a photo ID and your ticket to ANY home on the tour to start your day; check in at the front door to receive your wristband (which is your entrance pass to every home) for the day. After you have finished exploring the home you have chosen as your starting point, you are free to travel to every home on the tour at your own pace and style. Part of the Modern Home Tour experience is finding the homes – it’s a treasure hunt, and the participating architects’ works are the treasures!

MAPS/HOME LOCATIONS: You will be emailed a printable map approximately 48 hours prior to the Tour. However, the Official Tour Page (https://madslive.wpengine.com/mads-sandiego2016/) contains details on every Tour home as well as the digital Google map of the homes.

PLEASE PRINT/DOWNLOAD/BOOKMARK YOUR OWN MAP FOR THE TOUR!! In an effort to save paper and waste, we ask you to consider using the digital map on your mobile device, or printing your own copy. We will not have copies available on the tour!

We do expect a lot of visitors, so the streets may get a bit congested. We ask all tour-goers to park legally and with considerations to neighbors in the area. Please do not block driveways and please park as far over to the side of the road as possible, so that cars may pass by with ease. Thank you!

AT THE HOMES: Please take the opportunity to chat with the architects, designers and homeowners. They are there to answer questions and show off their work. Also, at select locations our media partner Western Living magazine has provided complimentary issues of their magazine. Please take one.

SHOE SUGGESTION: You will be on your feet a lot during the day and you will need to REMOVE your shoes at each home you visit. Thus, we encourage you to wear comfortable shoes that are easy to slip on and off, with comfortable socks. We will have a small number of protective shoe covers available if you need them, but easy-to-remove shoes and comfy socks have been recommended (by previous tour-goers) as the way to go. We ask this in an effort to keep our homeowners’ floors clean!

ETIQUETTE REMINDER: You are being invited to see the inside of PRIVATE homes. We ask that you conduct your visit in the same manner you would a museum. Please be courteous to the home and its owners by following a few simple rules of conduct:
• Please do not bring food, drink, or pets into the home
• Please refrain from sitting on furniture, and/or trying to open any doors, cupboards or windows
• Please do not use the restrooms inside the tour homes
• Please keep children close and do not let them run in the home or explore on their own
• Lastly, as a general rule, we do not allow photography inside the homes – this is to protect the privacy of the owners. If there is a design element or shot you absolutely must take, please ASK the homeowner’s permission. THANK YOU.

If you have any questions about the tour or certain logistics, please contact Ken Shallcross: [email protected].

Thank you so very much for buying a ticket to the 2016 MA+DS San Diego Modern Home Tour, and thank you for supporting local architecture. We look forward to seeing you out there on the tour!

The Modern Architecture + Design Society Team