IN 2021!

The 2021 Modern Home Tour Series

(We're pretty excited!!)


We’re back!

After researching, planning, experimenting, and testing exactly what it would take to create an event that had all of the experience and interactivity of our live, in-person International Modern Home Tour Series that hosts almost 100 industry professionals and nearly 10,000 people LIVE every year, with hundreds of thousands more connecting with our content online… We are happy to exclaim “Eureka” and tell you we have found an answer that will hold us over until in-person events can resume!!

Our NEW virtual Modern Home Tours are a combination of 360˚ virtual imaging – see an example at right from our Houston tour – and real-time, LIVE interactions with you, the architects and designers that created these beautiful spaces, us (the hosts), and the viewers.


Think of the virtual Modern Home Tour as your very own episode of a home design show!
You and your work are the star!

While replicating the awesomeness of walking through a modern home and exploring it on their own is hard to do, bringing viewers by the virtual hand through the interactive model is pretty darn close… and because of the format, we can add the educational element that would otherwise be missed. 

In addition, the segments are taped and available afterwards for viewing, as are the interactive models for exploring. Tourgoers are no longer bound to a specific date and time; while we encourage everyone to watch and participate in the LIVE streaming event, all tourgoers can now explore the homes and watch the segments when it is convenient for them. And with our 2021 Tour Pass, viewers from all around the country will be discovering your work all year long!

What does this mean for you?  Well, a few things, actually… first and foremost – we are inviting you to share one of your projects with our viewers! To be a part of our event…

  • We’ll need you to be available for a few hours prior to tour day (to prepare) plus about an hour and a half LIVE on tour day to guide our viewers through your project…
  • We’ll need you to help the client prepare their home and then help us coordinate access to perform the 360˚ imaging (just one person and it takes less than 2 hours)

Here are some of the benefits of the new Virtual Modern Home Tour…

  • You’ll have the ability to showcase that extra-special home that the owners might not want open to hundreds of people… or maybe the one that is too far away for our in-person tours or has limited parking…
  • It’ll be shorter hours and less stress on tour day for you and your client…
  • You’ll get the chance to give tourgoers a continuing look at your project long after tour day via the 3D model. The models can be tagged and marked with links and multimedia. This gives tourgoers a new way to re-examine your work and contact you later (see the example on this page)…
  • We’ll keep your walkthrough online for at least a year. You can embed the tour into your own website for a new level of client recruitment!

Check out the PARTICIPANT FAQ for more details…

 Ready to showcase your project in one of our virtual Modern Home Tours?

Click the button below to submit for any of our 2021 events!

2021 Virtual Modern Home Tour Dates

February 27-28

March 27
Mid Century Modern Developments

April 24

May 22

June 26
San Francisco / Silicon Valley

July 24

September 18

October 2*
DC-Metro Indoor-Outdoor Home & Design Tour

October 16*
San Diego Indoor-Outdoor Home & Design Tour

November 6*
Houston Outdoor Living Tour

*Currently planned as in-person events. stay tuned for more information… 


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