Sky House

presented by Joseph Design Build

Joseph Design Build 2019 Austin Modern Home Tour
Slic Design 2020 Austin Modern Home Tour
2020 Austin Modern Home Tour ATX LED

Developer: Joseph Design Build
Interior Design: Slic Design
LED Lighting by ATXLED

Sky House by Joseph Design Build explores the spatial relationship of public and private space to curate a series of intimate moments for its owners to experience. This two-story, 2219 SF home is designed as a repose from busy daily life, a tall fence adds privacy to the open first floor while the second floor imposes privacy with solid massing.

The flow between garden and interior space is defined by full height windows. Skylights selectively highlight and bathe key moments in natural light, much like a museum or gallery. Windows in the master suite allow natural light in while still being thoughtful to privacy. The top volume transverses the bottom, creating an overhang providing shade for windows facing the garden below. A mature sycamore tree lends even more shade to the private garden.

Continuity can be found in the details; minimalistic use of materiality throughout the home adds a touch of high sophistication. Rift cut oak catches the eye with its straight grain starting from the monolithic accent wall with a hidden powder bathroom, to the kitchen cabinets, then leading upstairs to the master bath. Doug fir accents on the exterior make their way to the kitchen island.

Interiors by Slic Design: 

Slic Design’s Sara Cukerbaum explains, “I really focused on the home’s exterior when working on this particular project.  I put emphasis on the architectural details, rather than decorative finishes to guide the selection process.  The vertical wood paneling on the kitchen island mirrors the home’s exterior.  The kitchen island’s quartzite adds both texture and movement to the space.  The natural stone stays with the homeowner as they move upstairs to the master bathroom, creating a unified feel to the house.  The oak paneling enclosing the powder bathroom adds character and warmth to the house, while still blending in beautifully with the outside greenery.” 
As a firm, Slic Design concentrates on the specific house, architecture, and client.  With an eye for natural materials and finishes, Slic is centered on creating rich & timeless interiors that are both memorable and open to interpretation.  
LED Lighting by ATXLED: 
ATX LED installed all the lighting in this house – instead of 120 vac to the ceiling lights – this solution is all low voltage, perfectly dimmable and Alexa / Google controlled.  Low Voltage means higher reliability, less heat, longer lifetimes and built in smart controls.