Isabel Nolan – The Weakened Eye of Day

The Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver has put out Weakened Eye of Day, a major new body of work by Irish artist Isabel Nolan, from July 29 to October 2. Can’t be missed.

From July 29 to October 2, 2016, the exhibition will be available to the Contemporary Art Gallery of Vancouver where many art fanatics can take a glimpse into Nolan’s work by examining its inherent nature and overall aesthetic.

Nolan’s art exhibition has made several successive appearances at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Mercer Union, Toronto, and CAG. Her work encloses several artistic techniques such as text, sculpture, drawing and textile, and can often begin with a close examination of varied individual literary or artistic works. The exhibition has also been recognized for its title that derives from English novelist and poet Thomas Hardy’s The Darkling Thrush (1889).

The exhibition also takes a close look at how light is constructed as a symbol in our thoughts while analyzing its role in creating a series of ideas that account for the unknown and known strangeness of the world. As a result, the show uses a combination of symbolic and metaphoric interpretations to showcase Nolan’s belief in faith and optimism.

Many of the works found in the Weakened Eye of Day can also be found illustrating a subjective and intimate characteristic that play a part in attempting to understand arbitrariness. The exhibition has also been made into a celebration of Ireland’s Centenary and has been supported by the Culture Ireland program for 2016.

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