Bilbao: A Perfect Destination for Modern Architecture Lovers

With its mixture of traditional Basque culture and its views for a future, Bilbao has become a city unlike any other in Spain.

It is located in Basque Country, a region on the northern part of Spain, where it is the beating vessel and the most cosmopolitan city in the region. The population of Bilbao first began to expand during the industrialization period where it relied heavily on steel production, banking, and shipping. However, during the 1970’s, the city had experienced a severe economic crisis that led to the planning of many infrastructural projects in the hopes of bettering the city’s overall growth, later resulting in a new rebirth.

Bilbao now has the notable Guggenheim Museum that was designed by architect Frank Gehry. It opened in 1997 and has then been critiqued as “One of the most important structures of contemporary architecture.” The building can also manifest different appearances due its titanium panels that absorb sunlight. In addition to the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao also has other distinguished representations of modern architecture such as the metro system that was designed Sir Norman Foster, an airport that was created by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, and a community center that was designed by Phillip Stark.

Although Bilbao embraces all things modern, it also firmly believes in preserving its culture and heritage, which can be seen in the city’s very own Casco Viejo (Old Helmet). It was erected during the medieval period and is still part of the city’s important historic background. Bilbao is a vibrant city with a perfect balance of contemporary and historical architecture, making it a great destination for your next trip.

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