Beauty in the Ordinary: A piece of the Eames lifestyle

“There is beauty in everything.” This is the motto that the Eames office wakes up to everyday.

Following the footprints of Charles and Ray Eames, the Eames office continues to impact the architecture, furniture design, industrial design, photographic, and manufacturing arena. They are known for finding beauty even in the simple things, and for their ability to create something truly unique out of something that started out unadorned.

In 1952, the Eames created their first House of Cards by decorating cards with different animals, plants, and minerals and then stacking them up to create towers. With this quick and simple idea that Charles and Ray Eames came up with, the Eames Office were able to create it into something authentic. They used the same idea and made it into an imaginative and educational tool called Create-It-All. It was designed so that people of all ages can take the time to decorate each card how they wish and then stack them up to create houses, buildings, bridges, etc. They can use the cards to tell a story, to symbolize something, or they can write their favorite quotes, draw their favorite places, the possibilities are endless.


This can be a fun activity for the family, a unique learning tool for teachers, or even a brainstorming tool for businesses. This is relevant because it proves how such a simple idea can turn out to become something truly significant. It should motivate people to think outside the box, and just get creative! The Eames office continues to find beauty out of the ordinary, and it is something that everyone should definitely try and follow.

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