Net Zero House

presented by Barley Pfeiffer Architecture

Architect: Alan Barley, AIA and Peter Pfeiffer, FAIA
Builder: Oliver Custom Homes
Photography: James Leasure

This 4,167 square foot home demonstrates how utilizing climate-responsive and site-specific design provides comfortable spaces year-round in a Modern aesthetic. 

The deliberate design of the building’s orientation, layout and window placement provides soft, balanced daylighting. This thoughtfulness also provides excellent indoor air quality, passive heating/cooling and overall energy efficiency. The average monthly electricity consumption of this home is less than 5 cents per square foot per month (compared to 15 cents a square foot for a home of similar size!) while the rainwater collection system provides enough drinking water for the entire family. 

In addition, using low maintenance materials on the exteriors and installation of native drought-tolerant landscaping adds to the buildings resiliency – all by Design.