Pecha Kucha October by the Art Alliance Austin

PechaKucha Nights”. All right, so the name sounds pretty funky and you probably won’t understand what it stands for right off the bat. The name of this event actually translates to, “Chit-Chat”.

This concept began in Tokyo back in 2003, by two architects from Kleim Dytham architecture. Since then, they have been in charge of keeping the PechaKucha Nights vibrant in numerous cities globally. Luckily, Austin is one of the cities where this event has prospered.

The Art Alliance has given way to this event giving our local talent, that be architects, writers, musicians, photographers, you name it, the opportunity to literally chit-chat the night away through brief presentations or slideshows they have put together.

With each presenter given around 7 minutes to talk about whatever they wish, this allows for those in the creative industry to share their experiences, struggles, triumphs, ideas, and work with the Austin community. Having seen some of the presentations, this event seems relevant to keeping the Austin entrepreneurial spirit alive. Paying $25-35 in the entrance seems like quite a hefty amount, but really pays off once you are submerged into the lives of the many creative minds who share their obstacles and successes creating a truly empowering experience.

PechaKucha Nights offers unique experiences from listening to how a photographer created a Twitter account for his personal humor that surprisingly went viral and turned into an actual brand, to a clothing designer and her complicated journey through customized Western wear. In a very relaxed environment that offers free drinks as a plus, this evening is all about enjoying the inspiring atmosphere that this night gives off.  Join us for the next one on October 26, 2016 on 800 Congress Avenue.


(Featured Photo by: Rich Merritt)

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