The 2020 Modern Home Tour series goes virtual!

(and we're pretty excited!!)

It took awhile, but we’re back!  For the past few months we’ve been researching, planning, experimenting and discovering exactly what it would take to create an event that had all of the experience and interactivity of our live, in-person International Modern Home Tour Series.

We think we’ve found it, and we like the idea so much that once things are back to normal, we expect to continue using the lessons we’ve learned to make our live Tours even better…  but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

For now, we’re here to let you know we’ll be conducting our fall Tours with a combination of in-person 360 virtual walkthroughs – see example at right – combined with realtime LIVE interactions with you, the architects and designers that created these beautiful spaces.

What does this mean for you?  Well, a few things, actually…

  • Tours will be held online mid-October to mid-November.  We’ll need you to be available for an hour or two on Tour Day
  • The ability to showcase those extra-special homes that the owners might not want open to hundreds of people…
  • Shorter hours and less stress on Tour day…
  • The chance to give Tourgoers a continuing look at your project long after Tour day, and a way for them to re-examine your work (and contact you later)…
  • We’ll keep your walkthrough online for at least a year – embed the Tour into your own website for a new level of client recruitment!
  • And more!

 Ready to Tour?  You know what to do!


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