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Seattle Modern Home Tour

E. Thomas St.

Tightly fitted to a steeply sloping hillside site, this East Thomas Street three-level home enjoys view of the Cascade mountains and the surrounding neighborhood. The offset, cantilevered volumes of each floor are distinguished with dark gray fiber cement at the top floor, cedar at the mid-level, and gray concrete and stucco at the base.

Decks and terraces are found at all levels, including the roof top, providing sun exposure at all times of day. Terraced landscaping echoes the architectural forms.

Inside, a three-story tall wall of board-formed concrete and steel staircase links the floors. Detailing is sleek, with an emphasis on integration of all functional elements via a consistent palette of materials and details throughout the house.

16th Avenue

Big Mouth House was jointly developed by three architects: Kailin Gregga, Steven Lazen and Rob Humble. Located in the Squire Park neighborhood of Seattle’s Central District, the property consists of three attached townhomes (one unit at 1,850 sf and additional two units at 1,400 sf each).

The interiors of the townhomes are large, airy, open spaces that take advantage of the property’s mostly western views. Open rafters in the ceilings of the living and dining rooms help shape these large rooms and create height and volume. Each unit has a rooftop deck that overlooks the city’s downtown skyline. Seattle muralist SAM WOOD WILSON painted a custom geometric mural which covers the rooftop area. A private and lushly landscaped walkway between the street and the alley leads you to each entrance. Vertical black metal panel cladding envelops the exterior, bringing a cohesiveness to the three attached homes. Pink powder coated metal provides pops of color on the front facade window and railings to juxtapose and lighten the dark facade. All three units were designed with a lower level income Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). These ADU’s are connected to the interior of the townhomes, but also come equipped with a separate entrance.

Units A+B feature interiors by Rob Humble. The ADU units are located on the lower level and can be accessed from either a lockable door from inside the home or from a separate, exterior entrance. This floor also includes a small storage space. The second level has two bedrooms and a bathroom. On the third floor, visitors will find a main living room, dining room and kitchen. These spaces have windows on both sides, with views to downtown and territorial views of the surrounding neighborhood. The location of the property was crucial to the design. By placing these main living areas higher up, the design team was able to take full advantage of the city views.

Unit C feature interior design by Kailin Gregga and Steven Lazan. The design concept was a white box interior with pops of color in the kitchen cabinetry and furniture. The lower level contains the ADU unit, a storage space, an open office area and a zone for bikes. A two-story shelf spans between first and second floor. The large bookshelf was designed to hold anything from keepsakes to books, leaving the rest of the house to be free from clutter. On the second floor, an open kitchen connects to the dining and living room, where a large floor to ceiling cantilevered window takes advantage of the western view to the downtown. Bedrooms and laundry are on the upper level, as well as the guest bathroom and stairway to the roof.

All three units were designed with a lower level income Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). These ADU’s are connected to the interior of the townhomes, but also come equipped with a separate entrance. This unique feature can be used as an extension of the family home (a guest suite, office, or family room) or as a rental apartment. With this flexible space, homeowners can accommodate an expanding family or use it to generate additional income with as a long-term rental or Airbnb.

Lake House

Lake House is a remarkable project on a large Seward Park waterfront site.  The project includes the stunning and compact completed Lake House and the larger Main House (still under construction.)  

The Lake House is encompasses about 2,000sf and is tucked into the landscape, specifically designed to be invisible from above.

2019 Seattle Modern Home Tour Map


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